You no longer have to go to Helsinki for the best burgers. In April, a new kind of restaurant concept, GOAT, opened in Tapiola, Espoo, combining three tough brands. Skiffer and Seksico have taken over the space with Bun2Bun, which is as the name implies, Greatests of All Time!

There is strength in community, as Bun2Bun, Skiffer and Seksico have previously supported each other, for example, in Viiskulma in Punavuori, Helsinki, where restaurants located next to each other have brought more life to the famous street corner even during the coronavirus epidemic.

GOAT does not work with the foodcourt model familiar from traditional shopping malls, but is a completely new concept where one menu offers Bun2Bun burgers, Skiffer strips and Seksico tacos served on tables.

The restaurant is easily accessible by both private and public transport, and the menu does not leave even the most hardened steak eater cold.